We treat small animals and pets like rabbits, neuguinea pigs , chinchilla or more.

We use x-ray (contrast, hipdysplasie, ellbowdisease), ultrasound (heart, organic systems) and a laboratory.

For patients of all ages and different states of health we use a gentle anasthesia with gas.

Therapy Spectrum

  • Internal Medicine
  • Gynecology
  • Dental Treatment
  • Surgery
  • check ups of blood, urine and faeces
  • x-ray 
  • ultrasound (heart, abdominal organic systems)
  • cytological examinations
  • veterinary care of diabeticand heart patients
  • consultations for puppies, pets with behaviour problems
  • consultations for nutrition 
  • vaccinations and preventive medical check ups
  • consultations for travelling with animals
  • dermatology
  • cardiology
  • neurology
  • travel (www.petsontour.de)

 For cardiology cases we collaborate with the expert for cardiology Dr. Verena Butz. Examinations can be performed in the praxis. So you can evade long drives and waiting hours in a veterinary clinic. Results and a therapiy can be discussed in the praxis.

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  • castration and spaying of dogs, cats and small pets (rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, mouse..)
  • pregnant checks (with ultrasound)
  • oncology (tumor surgery, mamma tumor)
  • birth assustance (caesarean)
  • pyometra
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  • dental clearance with ultrasound and polish
  • extraction of teeth
  • gingivitis treatment
  • tumor surgery
  • dental correction of rabbits, guinea pig, chinchilla 
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  • neurological and orthopedic examinations
  • soft tissue sugery (foreign bodies, bladder stone surgery...)
  • bone surgery (simple fractures)
  • oncology (tumor diagnostic, biopsie and surgery)
  • x-ray (hip and ellbow disease)
  • ophthalmology (examinations und surgery on the external eye)
  • expert for patella luxation for breeding animals
  • emergency cases
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  • Payment +

    Financial information and payment policies: Medical treatments and pharmaceuticals have to be paid promptly. We accept EC cards. Emergency hours Read More
  • Approach +

    We are located in the centre of Neufahrn in Bahnhofstrasse 38, which is near to the Marktplatz and next to Read More
  • Contact +

    Tierarztpraxis Dr. Susanne Lentrodt Bahnhofstr. 38 85375 Neufahrn bei Freising Tel. +49 8165 908017 In case of emergency you can Read More
  • Surgery Hours +

    In order to avoid waiting times, and to allow sufficient time for gathering history and physical findings for your pet, please Read More
  • Emergencies +

    in Emergency case you can try to reach me on mobile phone: 0179 1167 162 or please go to a Read More
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