The inhalation of anasthesia allows a gentle anasthesia - ideal for patiens of all ages and different states of health -  and guarantees a reliable anasthesia for surgeries. A sedative is given through a central venous catheter before intubation of the animal. Thus level and duration of anasthesia can be controlled. Besides the personal by the vet, the respivet and and the pulsoxymeter guarantee a permanet monitoring. Pharmaceuticals can be given directly by the central venous catheter. Especially for pets the inhalation anasthesia has provide its value. Even very small  pets with a body weight of 25g can be anasthestized.

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    Financial information and payment policies: Medical treatments and pharmaceuticals have to be paid promptly. We accept EC cards. Emergency hours Read More
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    Tierarztpraxis Dr. Susanne Lentrodt Bahnhofstr. 38 85375 Neufahrn bei Freising Tel. +49 8165 908017 In case of emergency you can Read More
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